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About us

Niles Markets has been in the trading industry for 11 years and during this itme it has managed to create an incredible relible reputation. It has established itself securely, safely and unshakably. Providing the most onnovative trading solution, Wynn Exchange has been dominating the trading online market for nearly a decade. Since 2016 Wynn Exchange Team has created the new generation Cloud mining hardware Farm and Operates around the world by online and offline mining.

Wynn Exchange Global Miine is a large -scale blockchain mining farm in the world with a power supply capacity of 900mw, capable of starting up 600,000 mining machines at the same time, since 2016 , it has invested in the construction of large-scale data centers in regions rich in power resources suchs as eastern europe, western china and the middle east, and invested a total of 27 large-scale blockchain data centers.

NILSENMARKETS.COM has recived Singapore Hash Capital, Hong Kong Consensus Fund, Singapore Brahma VC, and Exchange union's BTC investment. Nilesmarket Global Mine focuses on the upstream and downstream of the mining circle. its main buisness is to invest in and participate in large-scale substatons and natural gas power plants around blockchain data centers. Hydroelectric power stations, etc., along with industrial investment mine construcion engineering companies, small transformer factories, mining machine power production plants, container mobile mine factories, etc., have laid out edge computing public chains and distributed computing power trading markets in the technology ecoyste, gobal mining machine trading platform, tec. NilsenArkets has become the world's leading blockchain data center service provider.