Our Advantages

Wynn Exchange has been in the trading industry for 11 years and during this time it has managed to create an incredible reliable reputation. It has established itself securely, safely and unshakably. Providing the most innovative trading solution, Wynn Exchange has been dominating trading online market for nearly a decade.

300+ trading instruments

Wynn Exchange provides its traders more than 300 financial assets to trade 24/5, including cryptocurrencies which are available 24/7. Which assets exactly does Wynn Exchange offer? Well, there are hot commodities like Gold, Silver, Oil, Rice, also stock of Facebook, Google, indexes of Nasdaq, FTSE 100, DAX 30, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple.

Trading platforms, Wynn Exchange Webtrader

Choose Wynn Exchange Webtrader trading platform. Designed and developed for traders with different levels of knowledge, experience, familiarity with technology, goals and aspirations. Built-in tools and free hand to manage your account.

Cryptocurrency trading

Any trader is allowed to trade in the most volatile market of the moment. Trade any Crypto you want. Bitcoin is mainly chosen, even though the other coins like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple are showing themselves as great crypto coins to invest your capital.

Capital protection functions

We know that protecting traders capital stays among the most important tasks of a company towards its clients. Our trading platforms have 2 brilliant mechanisms to protect traders’ capital, stop loss and take profits. They are set by traders and executed automatically when the conditions are met.

Deposit bonuses from 10% to 20%

We award our clients for their trust with bonuses for their firsts deposits. For every friend you bring to us you will get rewarded with another bonus. There are many opportunities to raise your profits. First step is creating an account with Wynn Exchange.

Advanced market analysis

Again, in our trading platforms you will find tools which will help you to make the most advanced and detailed technical analysis. Markets are full of surprises, and better be prepared with as specified trading analysis as you can.

500,000 active traders in the platforms

We count 500,000 active traders in our platforms. There are traders who started trading 9 years ago with us, traders who transferred their investment from other companies to us, traders who had unpleasant experiences with other companies, traders who came here from their friends. We are happy serving each and everyone of them.

Different leverage level provider

We support our traders all the ways we can. We want them to be powerful in the market. So, we provide different levels of leverage. Taking into consideration risk, we let them have free choice on which leverage to use. Depending on the amount of capital traders invest, they chose the appropriate leverage also.

Multiple Deposit and withdrawal paths

Our clients live in different parts of the globe, so we have achieved official deals with the biggest international online transactions providers. You can fund your account through credit/debit cards, wire transfer, cryptos. And so are the withdrawal options, various and secure.